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About us

Autotrade & Logistics is a Company belonging to the Koelliker Group, which has been operating in the Italian and international automotive industries since the '50s.

The management group of Autotrade & Logistics consists of a team of automobile logistics experts with many years of experience with some of the leading companies in the industry.

Headquarters: "Faldo"
Via Pisana Livornese Nord, 97
57014 Collesalvetti (Livorno)
Tel + 39 0586 968500
Fax +30 0586 968591

  • Matteo ChimentiKey Account Manager
  • Daniele BrandiniCompound Management – Livorno
  • Cristina VazzanaRisks & Claims
  • Roberto CominiChief Strategy Officer
  • Marco ArmosinoGeneral Manager
  • Valeria GassaniMarketing and Business Development
  • Lorenzo FavatiBU Manager
  • Giampaolo LucantoniTransport Management
                Matteo Chimenti
Key Account Manager
Daniele Brandini
Compound Management – Livorno
Cristina Vazzana
Risks & Claims
Roberto Comini
Chief Strategy Officer
Marco Armosino
General Manager
Valeria Gassani
Marketing and Business Development
Lorenzo Favati
BU Manager
Giampaolo Lucantoni
Transport Management
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The idea of Autotrade & Logistics was developed in late 2001 with the aim of providing a logistical platform for receiving and sorting cars arriving by seawhich are intended for the Italian and EU markets.

With this in mind, A&L acquired the company TVA, which had already been in operation since 1978 and was incorporated into A&L in 2012.

Brescia Suzzara Livorno Ancona Val di Sangro


A&L conducts its main logistics activities at the compound named "Il Faldo", located in Collesalvetti, Livorno.
The location of the platform, which has been in operation since 2004, was chosen after careful consideration of the entire coastal area of central Italy, and Livorno was selected as the best Port of Entry. The Livorno Square, measuring 640,000 sq. m, is the largest not only belonging to the company, but it's also the largest inland compound in Europe, primarily managing the flow of vehicles coming into the Port by ship, though it also handles arrivals by rail and car transporters from Italian/European manufacturers.

A&L manages the factory facilities located in Val di Sangro, Brescia, and Suzzara, which are directly linked to the production factories organising the entire logistics flow from the exit off the production line to the delivery of the vehicles to transporters. It is also entrusted with transportation for many distribution areas, which it carries out using its own fleet, as well as qualified sub-carriers.
The coordination and management of the various transporters is executed from the A&L branch in Ancona, where transports are monitored in real time. In recent years, the A&L fleet has assumed an important role in the area of international transportation thanks to a few contracts that have been acquired and consolidated over time.

Management of all the squares located throughout the country, as well as transport activities make A&L a logistics company specialising in the international automotive industry capable of offering differentiated services to the satisfaction of its clients.

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Port of Livorno
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Port of Livorno

The Port of Livorno, which was completely rebuilt after the war, is now one of the most important in the Mediterranean, with connections to more than 300 ports worldwide. It enjoys a strategic position of great importance; maritime travel times are reduced by 6 days compared to the ports of Northern Europe, and all major areas of continental Europe can be reached in just 48 hours by train or car transporters.

It is the best port of entry taking into account the distribution of sales in the Italian market. It has the shortest average “Docks to Door”distance, the roads, railways, and sea connections are excellent, and the weather conditions are among the best, particularly in the winter: extremely mild with little rain, no fog, and an average temperature of 15 degrees.

It is for these reasons that Autotrade & Logistics acquired dedicated dock areas for priority loading and unloading with an area of 100,000 sq. m. at the Port of Livorno.

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Why Faldo?
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Why Faldo?


The need to find a suitable place to position the logistics platform has led Autotrade & Logistics to identify a large plot of 60 ha just 9 km from the main mooring docks in Collesalvetti, in the Province of Livorno, which is directly connected to the FI-PI-LI Highway and just 1,200 m from the entry point of theGE-Rosignano Highway.
As a result, Faldo is far away from the risks caused by saltiness, sand storms, and the industrial pollution of the harbour.

Average regional distances from Livorno

RegionDistances in km
Valle d'Aosta422
Trentino Alto Adige384
Friuli Venezia Giulia442
Emilia Romagna217

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Service capacity
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Service capacity

Given the strategic position of the Port of Livorno and of Faldo, at the heart of European commerce, as well as the road and rail connections within reach and in use at the site, Autotrade & Logistics is positioned as one of the most important "Entrance Gates" from the sea and elsewhere towards Central-Southern Europe, Northern Europe, and North Africa.

Autotrade & Logistics also completely manages the logistical areas of various automotive companies operating in international markets via facilities in Val di Sangro, Suzzara and Brescia.

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Faldo is the hub of Autotrade & Logistics' activities. This is where vehicles are managed in their transit to their final destinations in Italy and Central-Southern Europe. Said vehicles can move from car factories directly to Faldo via various modes of transport: by sea (arriving at the Port of Livorno), by road, and by rail.

Faldo is located 9 km from the sea in order to avoid the risk of damage caused from saltiness and the industrial pollution of the harbour. The entire surface of the car park is built over a traversable space that ensures the flow of water and thus that the cars remain in place on a drained and drysurface. It also has an internal junction allowing for the positioning of two block trains.

Faldo in numbers

  • Total surface area: 640,000 sq. m, completely paved
  • Areas for office use: 600 sq. m
  • Areas at the disposal of drivers: 200 sq. m
  • Areas serving as dining halls and locker rooms: 500 sq. m
  • PDI: 2,000 sq. m
  • Mechanical workshop: 3,200 sq. m
  • Spare Parts Warehouse: 600 sq. m
  • Body Shop: 1,800 sq. m
  • Storage: 25,000 vehicles

Livorno Docks

The Port of Livorno is the best Port of Entry considering the distribution of sales in the Italian market and the road & rail connections with the rest of the country and with Europe as a whole. The Autotrade & Logistics site has the shortest average “Docks to Door” distance, the roads, railways, and sea connections are excellent, and the weather conditions are among the best, particularly in the winter: extremely mild with little rain, no fog, and an average temperature of 15 degrees.

For these reasons Autotrade & Logistics acquired dedicated dock areas for priority loadingat the Port of Livorno.

Faldo is extremely easy to reach from all parts of Italy.


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The Group's main clients are:

  • 现代
  • 三菱
  • 起亚
  • 菲亚特
  • 阿尔法罗美欧
  • 兰洽
  • 尼桑
  • 戴姆勒
  • 克瑞斯勒
  • 依维柯
  • 三勇
  • 标志
  • 雪铁龙
  • 雷诺
  • 英菲尼迪

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Top Quality
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Top Quality

A&L is a certified company with management systems ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004.

通过 ISO 9001:2008 认证 通过 ISO 14001:2004 认证

End of life

Directive CE 53/2000 on end-of-life vehicles (ELV)

Law for vehicle disposal

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